Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Petals & Pearls" - A Delightfully Feminine Soap

Oh, I'm lovin' this HP method! The EOs lose NOTHING within the soap...nothing, I tell you. It's fabulous for me, as I love the true, natural fragrances of the EOs, and so far they've been very well-received by my customers.

Don't let the rustic look of this bar fool you: it has a lovely sweet-floral fragrance (ylang ylang) that I'm hoping will linger on the skin. I'll find out tomorrow! :)

p.s. Hubby is diggin' on the "Deep Purple" Soap...loves the look and the scent -Yee Ha! :)


janice said...

I LOVE HP soaps. I just made some vanilla buttercream HP soap. It's looks a little rough on the bottom, but it's just wonderful how you don't lose any part of the fragrance due to saponification.

It's really lovely! <3

Edith said...

I can feel your enthusiasm for hp soap I'm a massive fan of it like you..just love the way the fragrance lasts and lasts..lovely pic of your deep purple soap

Michele said...

Hey Becky,

Wow! Your Wordpress looks great. I am so impressed - you've gotten a lot done. Great job. Hp you are so brave. I've tried it once(the very first time I made soap and it was a bust)and haven't tried it since. I tend to really like the texture and feel of cp but, I do like that it is ready to go once it's unmolded and that eo's stand a chance of hanging around with this method. Keep up the great work and, I might be contacting you for wordpress advice.

thesoapsister said...

Thanks Michelle! Now here's a technical question for you: How in the world do I get the "possibly related posts" from showing up? I've looked through all the settings and such, and I can't figure it out. If you know, I would sure appreciate just knowing where to start. Those links are REALLY annoying...I didn't notice them on your site, but I wasn't really paying attention either. :)

Jan said...

Yours photo looks great Becky. I really have to try the HP, you make it sound so great, but you know how it is with the unknown? took me forever before I worked up enough courage to try the CP:)

Michele said...

Hi Becky, I just now saw your technical question regarding "possible related posts" I am not seeing anything like that on your blog now -I guess you got that handled. My guess would be that it would be located in the widgets. Let me know if you still need help and I will take more of a look around.