Monday, September 6, 2010

"Deep Purple" HP Soap

 Here's my latest purchase: A pretty purple Crock Pot from Walmart -on sale for $18.00! (I got facilitate my new HP passion)
But check out the purple (alkanet infused) oil -had to take a pic. Funny it's the first batch in my new crock.
Here's how it looks this a.m. I'm actually pleased with the look. I'm getting used to and rather fond of the HP marbling. It's fragranced with French Lavender (of course) and smells divine, courtesy of the HP.


cocobong said...

Very beautiful, my dear! I'm so pleased to hear that you are enjoying the hot process. I've done a few over the past couple of days as well (will post pics soon) and just love the fact that I can do a cp one as a hp one is in the making. It sure saves time. Luv the purple crockpot!

Maggie said...

Becky, it looks like you're getting better and better at HP! Look at that smooth texture now, very nice!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Becky, I can't find a way to easily follow other blogs except for Blogspot... so kind of bummed you are switching... but your photos look great on this one - bigger, more intense! Will you still be maintaining and adding to your blogspot blog or is this the official new one? xo Jen

thesoapsister said...

Hey Jen,
Yeah, that's a concern for me...I don't want to make my blog hard to follow. I think I've come up with a way...I'm positng an abbreviated version with a click-on-it link at blogspot...that way I only have to write one big entry, but it'll show on blogger & be easy to access. Please let me know if this helps, o.k.? :)

p.s. I miss your experiments...I thought of you yesterday when I used alkanet and yellow dock! :)

Jennifer said...

I like the abbreviated version with the link... it reminds me to go check you out! xo Jen

Deb said...

I was bummed about the not being able to follow thing too. I'll miss seeing all the other blogs in the sidebar too, catching updates of other blogs that I don't actually follow but visit through your own blog.

I guess it will just take time for everyone to settle in.


Jan said...

Looks great Becky, so smooth! I agree with Jen and Deb about the site change, but I think it really helps having the abbreviated version with the link so we can remember to follow it here.

thesoapsister said...

I'm so glad that it is working for you guys! It's really easy for me, and I'm always checking my old blog for new posts that you all have posted. ( I also have "links" to each of you on the new blog under "blogroll" so that new viewers of my blog can find you all and see your lovely creations!)

Today was "art teaching" day for me, so I'm currently soaking my feet! (Those concrete floors make my feet HURT!) Almost time to start supper -wish me luck, I'm making salmon. I'm always afraid of undercooking fish, so I end up overcooking it! Hopefully going to make some soap tomorrow! :)