Thursday, October 7, 2010

CP "Maximus" Soap w/Goats Milk

I made a new goats milk soap yesterday...cold process, with the scent that I'm currently crazy over.

  A blend of essential oils I've concocted that's appealing to men and ladies (gotta love that).  How to describe it?  I would say it's warm and a little "dusky" maybe...definitely sexy.    It's how I would like to imagine Cary Grant's aftershave smelling. 

I may attempt a perfume oil, but I'll have to research that...don't know a thing about making one.  If anyone has any pointers they would like to share as to base/carrier oils that work well I would greatly appreciate it.

Since it's CP,with goats milk and shea-mango-cocoa butte,r it should be ultra-moisturizing and great for warding off the wintertime itchies.   This batch will be up for sale in my online store around Nov. 7th.

I've been "Fall Cleaning" this week, so this is my only soap so far.   With all the dusting, scrubbing and vacuming I've been too tired for much else!  I'm hoping to be much more productive in a freshly scrubbed & polished home...order helps me stay focused and creative.  :)  Hoping to stick with the FlyLady's routines & hold onto the lovely, clean & orderly feeling!

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