Thursday, October 28, 2010

Opinions Welcome!

Which of these labels appeals to you most/would you be most likely to buy?

                                                                                                                                   Number 1


1 No photo

2. Green  w/ fabric   

3. Green, no fabric

4. Tan, no fabric.

5. Tan w/fabric.    Thanks so much for your input.  I'm curious to see what's most appealing to all you soap fans out there! :)


lola said...

a mi me gusta la nº 1
Un saludo

Larissa said...

#2, Green with Fabric. My second choice would be the Tan with Fabric - I just love that fabric & that formatting for the label, in either color.

cocobong said...

Green, no fabric. For sure!

Maggie said...

#2 gets my vote!

Jennifer Young said...

Green no fabric, or green with fabric, but I wish the paper were slightly more see through. I just love the green logo with the photo!! xo Jen

Yogini said...

Me too - the green one, no fabric.


Lyn said...

Love number four :0) green label

Michele said...

Green no fabric. :)

Lilli said...

Definitely No.2 - it just looks so....wrapped! Like a little gift. I love it!

Deb said...

My favorite is #2 (green w/fabric)...but it's THAT fabric that works with it. I also really like the tan w/fabric, but I think the green works a bit better, brings a little something more out of it. Again though, THAT fabric works with that label. A different designed fabric might not. :)


thesoapsister said...

Hi Larissa

I like the look of the fabric too, -maybe because it's different. I'm glad you like the label...I really think it's different, too, and might help with making my soaps more "memorable" when folks go to (hopefully) buy more.

Thanks so much for your response. :)

thesoapsister said...

Thanks Lola,

That's the label I'm currently using...I do like it, but the band tends to slip off the soap in time.

thesoapsister said...

Hi C'bong,

I'm glad to hear your opinion, and I love the "without fabric" option for several reasons.
1. It's easier
2. It's clean & simple
3. No "band" to slip off
4. Did I mention it's EASIER? :)

Thanks for your opinion, I do appreciate it!

thesoapsister said...

Jen, Michele & Yogini,

Thanks so much for your responses. It's so nice to be able to bounce things off other soap makers and soap lovers.

I'm loving the "Green no fabric" look more and more! (I sort of worked through it a bit during my response to cocobong, above) It's just so EASY, and green is one of my favorite colors. :)

thesoapsister said...

Hi Lilli & Deb,

I must say that was my favorite going in, but it's rather, it's VERY time-consuming. Plus there is that issue of I use just one kind, or mix it up by soap variety? I'm so freaky with my labels that the shade would have to be "just so"....but I do like the look. :)

Michelle Somers said...

I like the 2nd and 5th photo.

John Frillman said...

I like the 3rd and 4th photo down the best. I like the fact that you can see the soap in the top photo, but I wouldn't want anyone to be able to handle my soap before I do.

Is there some way to wrap the soap in something clear? The soap looks really unique. I think people are visual; if they can't see it they may be apprehensive about taking a chance. Give them something to look at and I bet they buy it.

good luck.

Kimberleaf said...

I like #2...definitely have the photo on the label, and I like the fabric, although the clean look of 3&4 has appeal also.

thesoapsister said...

Hey John!

I've actually been "percolating" on shrink wrap lately. I received some LOVELY soaps from Amy over at Great Cakes Soapworks and hers were shrink wrapped so you could see the soap -very smart, as hers are like works of art! (Check out Amy's Watermelon Soap: -it's really cool!)

I'm conflicted, though, about the 100% Natural soap being packaged in you suppose those two elements could somehow "work"? I may have to do a poll on that one....hmmm.

Ann Stoermer said...

I with a lot of the others. I like the green w/o fabric. They are all nice though. :)

thesoapsister said...

Hi Kimberleaf!

When I saw your name I had to smile! Thanks for your input. I do like #2, although it's WAY easier without the fabric. I'm trying to experiment in a couple of shops to see which packaging sells the best, but there are so many variables that I get confused. (Imagine that!) LOL!

John Frillman said...

I think the plastic would be ok to go with the all natural soap so long as it is able to be recycled. I think most people would be OK with that.