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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waiting for the sun...and the Son

The beauty of a winter sunrise, something even the freezing freezing freezing temps can't ruin for me -although the cold can be distracting.  Sometime I'll tell you of my frosty appendage problem of yesterday;  but I digress...

 The beauty of a winter sunrise.  The steadfastness, the timing, the seeming certainty...the sun is there....predictably.   Brings to mind the Son that is certainty itself, steadfast, unchanging.

Last night I got together with some old (ahem -let's  say "long time") friends.  We only see each other in person about once a year now.  At Christmastime.  Last night I realized how important that evening really is to me.  The steadfastness of friends who really know me.  It's amazing...they know my faults....I've driven them crazy at times....they know my weaknesses....they know my history....they know my mistakes. 

 And yet, they're my friends.  So amazing to me.

  Why?  Why have I been blessed in this way?  I don't deserve it.....but then, who really does?

I'm thinking of it today as a reflection of an even greater Love that I don't deserve.  From One who also knows me even better than my long-time friends.  

Thanks ladies, for a fun evening of laughter and sharing.

Thanks even more for your friendship.

And for reminding me....

I am loved.  I am blessed.  Lord, please help me to remember...


Anne-Marie said...

Gorgeous photo, even if it is really cold! =) And studies show that the more close friends and deep interactions you have, the better your quality of life is AND you live longer so let's hear it for friends! Hip Hip Hooray!

thesoapsister said...

Thanks Anne-Marie, I'm very fortunate; that's the view from my front porch. Sounds like it may look very different by Sunday -snow in the forecast! Hope you're doing well and taking it a bit easy during this busy busy season. :D

Kim said...

True friendships feed the soul. Left our get together feeling the same way...truely blessed! Thanks for being you Beck!