Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Poppyseed Passion Giveaway

O.k., I know, I know.... I'm getting carried away with the "poppyseed-thang" -but I LOVE 'EM!  I love their perky, pop-out-at-ya'  precociousness!  I love how they look like little black constellations within my bars.....I love their scrubby feel....but I digress.

 So, as a testament to my latest ingredient obsession, I give you the latest in my Personal Poppyseed Parade:

This all natural soap is fragranced with 5x orange and litsea essential oils, and smells like lemonade to me.  moisturizing It's rich with shea, mango and cocoa butters to be very moisturizing.

 In addition to being a gentle, exfoliating  bath bar, it would also make a great chef's soap. 

I need help, though.  I'm having a mental block as far as a name goes....(do you sense maybe a giveaway coming?)

So, here's what I'm doing....for those who would like to help, please submit your idea for a name by  April 15th -if your suggestion is chosen as the name for my new poppyseed soap, you'll win a FREE bar!  WooHoo!  Just in time for Mothers day, too! 

This batch will be fully cured and ready to ship by April 30th.

Good Luck to everyone, and thanks for playing! 



bobbinsandbalms said...

what about 'orange pop' ?

bobbinsandbalms said...

or 'orange poppy soap scrub' just dying to win it!!! LOL

Deb E. said...

I can't work the poppyseeds or the scrubbiness into any of my names but I'm thinking of things like.....Splash of Sunshine.....Citrus Splash.....

How about Zestfoliator?! lol


Mary said...

We love the poppyseed soaps - glad to see another in the lineup!

How about:

Luscious Lemonade
Pucker Up Poppyseed

Nancy said...

Orange You Ready to Pop? Soap

Nancy said...

Summertime Super Pop Soap

Nancy said...

Refreshing Citrus Pop

cocobong said... I go (I did give you a fair warning, don't say I didn't!)

Poppy Passion
Grandma Bill's kitchen bar
Gitt 'em dirty

Anne-Marie Faiola said...

Oooh, sounds yummy! Love the contrast between the dark seeds and the white soap. How about 'Poppy Lemonade'?

Reanna Goley said...

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