Friday, April 15, 2011

Organic Hand & Body Lotion from Heirloom Soapworks

After passing out a few samples, I sold & delivered my first bottle of Fragrance-Free Organic Hand & Body Lotion this afternoon  -very exciting!

  It's thick, rich, fast-absorbing and, no parabens -YAY!  

 I've been testing my Lavender-Mint version personally, and will probably have them both up for sale in my online store in the next couple of days.  

 I will also be offering these lotions at the Paper Moon in Freeburg, IL    ....hopefully within the next week or so!

At just $10.50  -they're quite a bargain, and I think these may sell out quickly!  

 You can reserve yours today by calling (toll free) 1-855-SOAP-4-ME or drop me a line at

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get back into the soap room and start to re-stock my  inventory of soap. :)

Oh, and tomorrow after 3 p.m. Central Time I will announce the Poppyseed Soap winner, so stay tuned! :) 



Amy Warden said...

So simple and to-the-point. I bet it's wonderful!!

Jennifer said...

Becky, Wow, looks and sounds great!! Your question back at you - can you tell me what preservative you are using? xo Jen

cocobong said...

Jen, it says so on the label ;)
Becky, LOVELOVELOVE the work you've been cranking out. The whole package is just all around perfect. Oh, and yummy looking lotion

Ambra said...

Becky, that looks fab! You are smokin :)