Thursday, June 2, 2011

Natural Colorants + A Funnel Swirl....I LIKE IT!

As promised, here are a couple pics of my first attempt at the funnel technique:

It was fun, exciting and challenging -I'm very thankful that Hubby was here to hold the funnel, or I may have had quite a mess on my hands! 

The scent is unisex, with citrus, lavender and a few secrets thrown in, just to keep things interesting.  I was asked to be sure and save a bar for my "assistant"...I guess that's the least I can do since he did such a great job with the funnel!  :)

Oh, and please keep in mind that this is a Limited Edition -you can reserve one (or more) now via email:

Happy Soaping, All!


Unknown said...

It looks great and I love the colours.


Jennifer Young said...

Michelle stole exactly what I was going to say. Awesome funnel soap and love the combination of colours. Beautiful Becky. xoxo Jen

Cocobong Soaps said...

oooooooooooooh beckster! that is one super looking soap! really really beautiful, much more beautiful even. i have not tried this technique in the past, always shying away from super fussy to make soap. it doesn't look like it would be all that difficult, but it's still more work than just stir and dump, yanno? terrific, anyway..more more! (remember: don't give in to demands ;)

Lori said...

You did it! Yay! :)

The Soap Sister said...

twoblooms, Thanks! I'm happy with them -and surprised at how they turned out! :)

Jen, Thanks my dear -That funnel thing is tricky with only two hands, isn't it? :)

'Bongs, Thanks my friend, I certainly appreciate your comments & especially your words of wisdom! :) It was more work than my usual, but it felt so good to create something different -I could barely wait to take it from the mold and cut it! Now THAT'S FUN!

Lori, Thanks to your blog & tutorial! :D I couldn't seem to rig up my funnel like you did ...I had tape everywhere & my funnel was a'floppin -had to call in the reinforcements! :D

Amy Warden said...

Such great contrast! I'm loving it!!