Saturday, June 4, 2011

Natural Shampoo Bar: 2 WEEKS -I made it!

I have been "shampoo bar blogging", jumping on the bandwagon after bing inspired by Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks for 2 weeks now, and (although I almost gave in a couple of times) remain "conditioner free"!  I ended up cutting WAY back on the vinegar in my vinegar/water rinse....I would say it's down to maybe 1 part organic apple cider vinegar to 15 parts water.

I still miss that nasty silicone "slip" -I guess old habits die hard, but I, like Amy, have noticed more softness and shine in my hair -amazing!  (especially when you consider that my hair is VERY chemically treatedr, and that what I'm using is just one of my all natural soap bars!) 

I am going to be making a natural detangler as soon as I get the ingredients, and if it works I will post the recipe.

Is it worth the effort?  I think it is. 

Why?  Well, the answer to that lies on the backside of my old shampoo & conditioner bottles.  You may want to take a peek at the stuff that's in what you currently use -yikes!  It has become pretty common knowledge that much of what we but on our skin ends up in our bodies -yikes again! 

 I certainly don't want to expose my son to all that unnecessary stuff. 

Sooo, the bottom line?  The shampoo and conditioner marketing folks have done a wonderful job in the past of convincing me that I need their products or I will turn into a straw-headed troll!  Evidently they are WRONG (very good at their jobs, but wrong all the same)

 I'm an official Natural Shampoo Bar Convert! :D


Unknown said...

Your hair looks so nice and soft. I'm itching to try a shampoo bar and think I'm going to make one tonight when I get home from the market. I'm on the hunt to find a conditioner bar recipe as well as I like using conditioner. My hair is chemically treated and a bit longer as well.


Jennifer Young said...

Becky, Your hair looks luxuriously soft! I am so glad you reached the point where you are enjoying it now! I too and shampoo bar obsessed. Even when I dye my hair (yes - this is one thing I have not been able to give up as I have way too much gray and henna just doesn't cut it...) I don't use the Colour-Fixing shampoo they include in the packet. I simply use my shampoo bar directly after dying and it is still wonderful. Glad you are loving shampoo bars!!! xoxo Jen

Amy Warden said...

Whoop, whoop!! Your hair looks so beautiful, Becky!! And I finally got my package from NDA this afternoon, so you know what I'll be doing tomorrow! It is TIME to make some more fabulous shampoo bars!