Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank You to my Bubbly Buddies!

Thank you to my Soaping Sisters:

 Amy Warden at Great Cakes Soapworks -
 "Soaptician" AYU at Tokyo Factory -
 Topcat@ Titania's Dreamy Delights -

for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am indeed flattered to be nominated by such creative and supportive ladies!  :)

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1 – Make a post and link it back to the person who gave you the award

(and include their website address)

2 – Share 7 random things about yourself

3 – Award 7 recently discovered bloggers with this award and

contact them to let them know they have won.

O.K., on to the 7 things you never knew (and probably never wanted to know) about The Soap Sister:

1.  I'm 5'11.25" Tall

2. For many years my automobile's license plate sain "AMAZON" (see fact #1)

3. My natural haircolor is brown (and you thought all the blonde was natural,   eh? -LOL!)

4. I love pickled herring -on saltines -all year 'round

5. I held the Junior Varsity "high score" record in High School basketball (before "3-point shots" existed) of 25 points in 1 game.  (again, see fact #1) 

6. I am the "baby" of six. (yes, I AM SPOILED & I LOVE IT!)

7. I am left handed (happy to be in my "right mind")

Now, for my nominations -though I don't know that I would call them "recently discovered", as I've followed them for some time:

1. Springvale Soap
2. Natural Aroma Beauty
3. A Life Deliberate Soap Co
4. Joyful Soaps
5. Getting Down with Jesus
6. My Daily Soap
7. Little Green Pastures (quite possibly the most touching/real/poignant/lovely blog ever)

Hope you find some new favorites here.  ~Becky


Lori said...

Thanks Rebecca! :) Love your blog too, and tall chicks rule :)

Jennifer @ said...

Honored to be among your mentioned blogs, Becky. :)

Jennifer Young said...

Nice to learn more about you!! xo jen

Amy Warden said...

Nope, I never would have guessed that you were that tall! My girls got the tall genes, and if they do the "double your height at 2 years old", they could be pushing 6 feet as well. :) I've TRIED to like pickled herring. Can't do it! LOL!

Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Becky,

Thank you for the nomination. And I guess tall chick do rule. Leslie is about 5' 8 1/2" tall. I won't mention my height. I'm beginning to feel intimidated:)

Topcat said...

Woohoo, you amazon you! I wouldn't have guessed you were that tall either - it must be the blonde hair ;)

I am the ELDEST of six and I too am left handed (and I used to be naturally blonde, but now I am brown...and grey :P)

AYU said...

And thanks for sharing about yourself!
I am short... I am 5'3"....
I am jealous!! ;)