Monday, July 25, 2011

Attn.: Eczema Sufferers

Heirloom's Eczema soap is BACK, Baby ...and will now be known as "Soap Potion #9".  While I make no claims personally about this soap, it is renowned with my customers as THE best soap ever for eczema.

I haven't made this soap in quite a while, due to the expense of one of the main essential oils I use in this formula. However, I've had so many customers say they want it no matter what it costs, that I felt compelled to add it back to my regular "line".

I have 18 15 bars available currently, so if you would like a bar, please contact me asap at to reserve your soap(s) today. These are big 4.5-5 oz. bars and sell for $7.25 per bar.


Cocobong Soaps said...

Becky, can you tell us what makes it a soap for people with eczema? As does it behave, how high did you superfat and how does it differ from you other recipes? I'm not asking for the recipe just wondering what's special about it and what makes it an eczema soap?

Yogini said...

Sounds like special essential oils... *nosy*

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Ladies, and thanks for commenting! About the soap: first, let me say that this did NOT start out to be an eczema soap. I wish I could say that I'm some sort of a genius at formulating specific concoctions and blending EOs -but alas, I'm not.

As my Dad used to say "Even a blind sow finds an acorn once in a while"

Did I just call myself a pig? Hmmmm.... but I digress ...

The superfatting is my normal 10+ percent, same oils and butters (listed on every label and on my website) soooooo, I conclude that it's the EO blend that gives it that extra "oomph" with regard to eczema.

I combined these particular oils because they were "new" (to me at the time) and I liked the way they smelled. After all the customer reports of the "eczema relief-thang" (one guy wanted a case of the soap -I didn't even know how many bars constituted a "case" -LOL!)I went back and Googled "essential oils for eczema" and lo and behold the ones I had used were ALL on the list. Some folks call it luck, I see it as Divine Intervention -again, I was just "playing" with some new essential oils.

That being said, I'm suppose other EO combinations could work well, too. As you would expect, I list "a proprietary blend of essential oils" on the label without giving more specifics....after all, a girl has to have some secrets, yes? :)

Cocobong Soaps said...

Thanks, Becky..and yes, absolutely a girl does!
And most girls have Google, too

Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Becky,

Good work Becky. We could always trade a few "trade secrets" with you so we can learn what is in those soaps:) What do you think--a "Trade Secrets Trade?