Friday, August 12, 2011

The Great Shampoo Bar Exchange: Great Cakes Soapworks

Hello Soap Fans!  As you probably know, I'm participating in a shampoo bar exchange with three of my soaping buddies: Amy (Great Cakes Soapworks), Jen (Naturalment Mediterrano) and Michele (Tierra Verde Handmade Soaps) whose work I both respect and admire. 

I'm happy to be involved, as I am NO EXPERT with regard to shampoo bar making.  I have learned from reading Susan Miller Cavitch books and from Cocobong (soap-maker extrordinaire) a matter of fact, my shampoo bar recipe started from Cocobong's  Shampoo Bar recipe (but, to let C'bong off the hook totally in case my "Pooh Bar" bombs, I did tweak her recipe unmercifully to make it "my own"....hopefully I haven't mauled it in the process! :) )

  As Jen said in her review -we think there are lots of factors that effect how a shampoo bar works (besides the bar's formula) water type, hair type, coloring/bleaching, conditioner used, etc.  That being said please keep in mind that my water is SOFT, my hair tends to be DRY, and is HIGHLIGHTED (bleached) and I'm quite sure that these factors effect  how a shampoo bar works for me personally.  Plus I do use a small amount of conditioner for detangling

First up is Amy's "Opus" Shampoo Bar. I've been using it for 2+ weeks and I must say that I love it! 

The smell is nice and citrusy, not overpowering.  It lathers wonderfully for me as well.   I have had no greasy issues, but I have to say that I never do have those here at home with our naturally soft well water.  I can use my regular soaps that have 10% superfatting even.  (I have had problems at my Mom and Sister's houses though, the only difference being hard water.)

Here's how my hair looks after 2+ weeks using Amy's bar exclusively...

I used the lighter-colored bar (as did Hubby) and as you can see (hopefully) my hair is very shiny!  I love the way it styles (though this is "bed head" that you see) and it has plenty of body.

So, I can say that for me this shampoo bar has worked wonderfully - I would definitely recommend trying one -even if your hair is on the dry side.

Nice job Amy! :)

p.s. Next up will be Tierra Verde's bar.  I'll be starting my trial period tomorrow so it will be a few weeks before I report back on that one.
Oh, and I received a package from Spain a few moments ago! Yay! so Jen's bar(s) will be after that.  Happy Soaping All!  -Becky


Amy Warden said...

Yippee! :) Thanks for a great review! I'm looking forward to trying yours as well.

Cocobong Soaps said...

Nice idea you guys had :) Looking fwd to the review on Tierra Verde's shampoo soap