Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Natural Handmade Soaps: Newest Varieties

As the last days of summer break slip too-quickly by, I've tried to fit some soapmaking-time in between our summer activities.  Here are the latest limited- edition all-natural soap varieties that I've come up with:

I hope to post these on my website soon, for pre-orders, as there are precious few of each variety ("limited edition" is real): 

"Banana Blossom", "Buttercream Mint", "Rosemary-Lime", "Lemon Drop", "Vanilla Mountain", "Mr. Romance", "Lavender Ripples", and Lavender-Oatmeal-Poppyseed "Taters"

Happy Soaping to All!  ~Becky


Anne-Marie said...

Is that a funnel pour that I see? Love it! When I first glanced at your picture I thought it was a bunch of truffles!

Alegria Mediterranea said...

I really love them!
Look´s so Natural and I´m a BIG fan of Natural Handmade soap in the true sense!

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Anne-Marie, Yes that's a "funnel without the funnel" -I love the look but I have a REALLY hard time holding the funnel or rigging it to stay I fake it. I'm glad it looks good to ya'! Mmmmm truffles -I do tend to make soap that looks like food, don't I? :) ~Becky

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Claudia, Thanks so much -I do prefer the truly natural soaps too. ;) ~Becky

Cocobong Soaps said...

I'm away from soapblogland for a week and you come up with this amazing work? Love the look, the colors, the heartiness that oozes out of every bar

The Soap Sister said...

Thanks C'bong -you've made my day with your kind words! :) ~Beckster

Unknown said...

I love the photo all your soaps look lovely.


The Soap Sister said...

Thanks Michelle, I'm really having fun playing with the natural colorants. :)