Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Natural Soap, Sanity, Alton IL, and "I hate my camera today -grrrr!"

Hello Soap Fans!

Please pardon my lack of posts lately -I've been busy as a cat (as I know many of you have been) ramping up production....er, no, really that sounds way too gradual ...and calm....and, well, I've been soaping like a woman possessed!

Why I hate my camera today -I just couldn't capture the beauty of "Molten"

Does anyone else out there in blogland feel the pressure?  You know, the 
"Six-week-cure-pressure".  (I keep telling myself to relax...there's always Hot Process to save the day, but so far it's not working!)

Yes, I've been swept into the pre-fall-craft-show frenzy.  I've mailed out applications & fees.  I've made commitments.  I must soap! (It's o.k., I love it & perform best under a deadline...always have.)

I have set some healthy (I believe) new soap boundaries as well, in the interest of preserving my sanity:

1. I only work (on my soap business) from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. M-F

2. I've expanded & organized my production space & I can now do everything except heat my oils in my soap room. Production is up as a result...a staggering (for me) 11 batches in the last week.

3. Finally, I'm trying to curtail some of my "soap talk"  ...gulp  ....nggggh....mmmph!  That, so far, has proven to be a challenge.  I'm trying to remember that not everyone shares my passion for all things bubbly and skin-loving. (What's wrong with people, anyway??? -LOL)

Oh, and Heirloom Soapworks natural soaps are now at The Gift Box in Alton, IL  (300 E. Broadway) -yay!

Heirloom Soap display at The Gift Box, Alton, IL
So what have you been up to? ;)


Unknown said...

Your new Molten soap is just lovely.

Yes this is a busy time of year for soapers. I'm still doing 3 markets and looking forward to my once a month one wrapping up the third week of Sept, my weekly Sunday one finishing up the end of Sept, then just done to the Saturday one until the end of October, then the Christmas show frenzy.

One of the reasons I love Glycerin soaps is because I can use them when I need something fast. There is also the CPOP which gives me a faster cure time but for me and my sister it's hard to predict what will be popular and what we should have a lot of on hand. There are so many soaps I've sold the past few months that I wish I'd made bigger batches of and it's always a learning process.


Amy Warden said...

Well, you know, a little of this, a little of that. I canned 7 more pints of watermelon pickles this morning. Still trying to figure out what to blend with anise for a fall soap. Spending too much time on the computer. Filling orders. Labeling lip butters. You name it. Pretty much everything except clean bathrooms. Yuck!

Amy@10th Ave. said...

Yes, it is a busy time of year!!! For me, the garden's going crazy so today I'm making salsa, pickles, and freezing beans. (Salsa production has overflowed into the soap room, so all soapmaking is on hold for the next few days.) I'm also working on some winter fragrance orders and having long talks with my camera, trying to coax it to turn on so I can upload pix for a blog post--unsuccessfully. Somehow I also need to prepare for company at the end of the week. The fun never ends!

...Nice soap room! (Now don't stifle your soap talk to the point that you lose your sanity!)

Dragon (Karen) said...

Love your soap and your soaping room!

I work Monday to Friday, which means I rarely find the time to soap during the week. I usually make two types over the weekend and that's it.

I've got quite a few markets before chrissie ... so have a plan on my fridge to make sure I have enough made in time for it to cure. I only make cp ... so am trying to be better organised to cover the pre chrissie orders and markets.

Good luck with all the soap you're making!

Mary Smith said...

Your soap is amazing! I'm only a hobby soaper and my business is heirloom garden seeds.

I too have to remember that not everyone is garden or soap obsessed!

Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Becky,

Why doesn't everyone share our affinity, passion, and borderline obsession for soap making?

Leslie is now back at work at Skagit Valley College, and while expecting to reduce her hours soon, it is crazy with that and soap making. We are on track to produce approximately 5 to 7 batches in a week, but that will change soon as we have about 7 shows in the fourth quarter this year. Possibly more shows coming.

We also just finished a very successful outdoor festival--the first ever of this particular festival, in Stanwood. You know how it is when a show goes much better than you anticipated-much satisfaction and feeling good but the inventory looks much different. So, yes, it is crazy and time management is key.

Boundaries are also important to keep you sanity.

Take care of yourself Becky!