Thursday, September 8, 2011

When is "enough" enough?

My big ol' shelf is almost full ...don't relax, Becky -keep soapin'!
How do you know when you've made enough soap?  Personally, I'm very un-scientific about the inventory-thing (what a shock, eh?)

I'm just curious to hear how some of my fellow soapmakers handle the issue.  My M.O. seems to be: soap like crazy....burn low on soap....repeat.  

My most recent goal is to keep my big ol' soap curing shelf full to the brim at all times.  I tend to relax and feel like I have "enough" and then realize that when you replenish 12+ retailers -suddenly "enough" isn't enough!

Am I alone in this struggle? 


Amy Warden said...

Hardly. Every time I think I've got things really stocked up, it doesn't take long before I'm running low again. Different soaps sell at different rates though, so you just have to figure out what works best for you. By the way, I love the boxed soaps you sent to Cocobong!

Tracy F said...

I am struggling with the same problem! I currently have almost 40 different types of soap and continue to add more and quantity of each. Between Etsy sales, farmers markets selling, Christmas, and a big art fair at the end of the month.....I just don't know if I have enough! This is my first Christmas season so I just don't know..... tracy