Saturday, September 10, 2011

Retreat, huh? Well, I'll just talk about you while you're not here...

Cocobong's (amazing)  Rosemary Soap (bottom)
 In honor of my friend Cocobong's retreat: I thought I would -ahem- fill in for her...  (Note: "When you aren't 'here' I'm gonna talk about you!")

I'm pretty sure that anyone reading this is a regular Cocobong follower, and is likely suffering from some serious review withdrawals (as I am).  So in an attempt (albeit pathetic) to fill a bit of the void -I'm going to turn the tables on my friend and do my own review of her soap.  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Seriously, you all probably know her as a kind, thoughtful, interesting artist who painstakingly tests and reviews handmade soaps with a refreshing combination of honesty and grace. True, true ...but do you also know what a talented soap maker she is? Better yet, have you ever used her soap? If you haven't you should!

It so happens that I have used her soaps, and without exception Julia (a.k.a. Cocobong) turns out some downright superior bubbly matter.  I have been known to hoard it, hide it, and eventually use it up -to the point that the last little sliver disappears into my washcloth right before my disappointed eyes (I was hoping to get one more shower out of that bar!)

My past experiences with her soap did not, however, prepare me for Rosemary.
Even those of you who have used Julia's soaps before need to get your hands and washcloths on a bar of this particular soap!

It's appearance is classic Cocobong -understated, with a lovely two-tone color and simple elegance of design.  No swirls or embelishments needed.  (No fair!  I work so hard on that stuff, but her soaps are magnificent without it...doggone those artists, anyway! :))  

The scent is just right: natural, lingering, and fresh.  Perfect for Hubbys too, it's appealing to guys and gals....which reminds me, I need to stash the bar lest my Better Half uses it up when I'm not looking....but I digress:

As lovely as the Rosemary soap is, as perfectly scented....nothing prepared me for the lather.  It is truly unique, and I must say it's amazing!  It's creamy & bubbly, yes, but it also has a silky quality that is hard to describe adequately.  Consider yourself'll wish you had created this soap!
(It's hard not to be envious of a soap that's this good)

The quantity of the lather was surprising too. Even to a girl who's accustomed to soft water and the extra lather it gives.  It passed the shave test, the shampoo-ing test (talk about lather) and the face test. 

Please know that I'm not authorized in any way to hand out "coco points", but what the heck, 'bongs is relaxing in a hammock somewhere so I'm gonna do it anyway:


                                                     Category scores:                                                             
                                                             scent 10

                                                        conditioning 10

                                                             lather 11

                                                        appearance 10

                                                           shape 10

                          Total score: 10.something Cocopoints  requiring the new category: 

                              "Stop it already, you're making the rest of us look like amateurs!"

Enjoy you're much-deserved rest C'bong -you know we'll all be anxiously awaiting your return!

And from now on, I'll stick to making soap and leave the reviewing to you! ;)





Unknown said...

Oh it sounds absolutely divine. Does she have a website? If so I've probably missed it. Great review :)


The Soap Sister said...

Hi Michelle,

I don't think she sells 'em ...we've always just gifted each other w/soaps for fun...

Ambra said...

:D Loved that review, Becky. You made me laugh, as you frequently do! And I agree, Cocobong's soaps are devine.

Amy Warden said...

Too funny!! But you're right, she does turn out some amazing soaps - sounds like this one is over the top!

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Awesomely entertaining post.You could always write editorials my friend.Lol!

AYU said...

Hi =)
I love your soap review!
Yes, Cocobong's soaps are definitely special.
And she does make us look like amateurs! lol