Thursday, December 22, 2011

Curing for 2012 - "Aubergine Trio"

For those Most Passionate About Purple Soap:

Featuring: Gardener's Hand Soap (w/lavender & pumice)
                Night Sky (salt topped bar -special request Christmas blend repeat)
                Friendship Cake in Lavender (topped with shredded soap)

Pure and 100% natural for your health and mine!  Vegan.  Pre-orders accepted
via comment or email  Don't miss out -reserve your set today!

Happy Soaping to everyone. ;)


Amy@10th Ave. said...

That's a fabulous shade of purple--what a great trio!

The Soap Sister said...

Thanks Amy! That shade is due to the addition of skin softening/smoothing Alkanet Root Powder -I just love natural ingredients that pamper the skin while adding beautiful color -I'm always on the hunt for those. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, I love that purple colour. I used Rattanjot last time and it ended up a grey black. Think I used Alkanet a long time ago but haven't recently. I'll have to try it out now that I see yours.

Check out my latest post:

The Soap Sister said...

Thanks, I love working with alkanet -love how the color changes with the pH of the soap! Your rose soap looks divine btw. I decorated a soap (and scented it) with rose petals about 2 years ago. Unfortunately the natural rose scent only lasted about 3 days! It was great at first, though. ;)

J. Lexi, LLC said...

I love the color of this soap. I am making a batch for a Lupus Fundraiser; I'm hoping to achieve this color with Alkanet root.