Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Soap Sister discovers the Wonders of Silicone!

I finally splurged on some proper soap molds -silicone ones!  I have been ogling  these for quite a while.  After experiencing the ease of my soap cupcakes' un-molding from their silicone molds, well, I just HAD to have 'em.  

Happy Valentine's Day to me! :)  (I'm beginning to see a pattern here -last year it was a soap cutter, this year molds...who knows what soap-making delight will be mine in 2013!)

 I can't wait to see how these work -I've seen similar molds (in green) on other sites, but these seem a bit more "slick" surface-wise.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was for me to not have to line molds today -for some reason that's always been very stressful for me.  Cross your fingers everyone -if these work well I may have officially lined my last mold! :)  ~Becky

p.s. I ordered the molds here: Wholesale Supplies Plus


Unknown said...

Love the molds, I've been looking at these too on other sites and have seen the green ones. I like this colour better. They look wonderful to work with. Are these 2 pound ones? Curious to see how you like them.


Unknown said...

I do like your 'happy valentine to me' gift. I have one loaf silicon mold (from a local supplier) which I was not very impressed with. Have only made one small test batch in it and never used it again. It sort of 'bubbled' on the sides, resulting in a very irregular shaped loaf. Waiting to hear how yours have worked out - I'll join you then in the anticipation for a soap-making delight for 2013!


Ambra said...

So how is the mold working out? I just love the yellow color in the photo - is it just the creamy soap color or is it a yellow something?

Christine Barr said...

Great looking molds! Gorgeous soap, sister! (You put Bruce springsteens blinded by the light in my head!). I use a similar silicone mold for my tiny two lb wavy ridges on the bottom. Love not lining it, and it slides out perfect every single time :)

Sonja said...

Love the silicone molds!