Thursday, February 9, 2012

Redneck Soaping Part 2

After dazzling all of my sophisticated soaping friends with my Redneck Soap molds yesterday (and yes, I love 'em),  I thought I would do a follow-up to show you what nice bars result from said molds.  These soaps are full-size bars at approx. 4.6 oz. each and 3.5 inches across.

So, here they are:

"BubbleHead" Shampoo Bar in Rosemary-Mint

My customers love the shape (I used these molds for many of my Christmas Soaps), and I love how the word "REUSABLE" gets imprinted onto each bar from the mold!  Perhaps you have to be a redneck to be amused by this detail -but of course I can't tell for sure! ;)

Oh, and "Thanks Mom" -keep eatin' that KFC coleslaw! -xoxo Beck


Traci R said...

That is a great shape!

The Soap Sister said...

Thanks Traci -I do love the big "disc" shaped soaps -so easy to spin into a lather, right from the start! :)

Polly McNamara said...

what a beautiful white colour, and the shape is just really cute xx

Amy Warden said...

Very cool design - how much KFC takeout have y'all eaten??

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Miss Polly, Thanks! The shape is really handy, but of course extra effort is required to get the soap out of the molds. Silicone would be great...but then they wouldn't be FREE! LOL :D

The Soap Sister said...

Hi Amy, Actually my mom is the KFC coleslaw junkie! She keeps me in round molds and lids. ;)