Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rustic Light Box for Homemade Soap Photos

 Have I mentioned lately that my Hubby is my hero?   Not only is he a great guy, wonderful husband & dad -he's handy too!  Check out the rustic "light box" he made for me to photograph my Heirloom Natural Soap:

 It's so nice to have a simple, portable "set" that I can move easily to where the lighting suits me -you all would crack UP if you could see the menagerie of props I usually have to tote around while balancing soap, camera etc!  (Heaven forbid I make more than one trip!)

Here's how the photo looks when cropped for a close-up:

I got the idea for a wood background a few weeks ago after looking at some of my old pics taken on my son's swing set (don't even say it) -that's when I photographed the weathered boards that now are the background on this blog as well as my Heirloom Natural Soap website

I mentioned to Hubby that I wouldn't mind a lightbox of the same material, and voila!  He made this for me in nothing flat -have I mentioned that I am spoiled rotten? LOL!

I'll have to show you the ring he made for me for our anniversary soon! :)


Unknown said...

Your husband sounds wonderful, does he have a brother? (hee hee)

That light box is drool worthy. I'm doing all mine with an all white background but have been wanting a wood background but haven't wanted to buy a vinyl backdrop. Just yesterday on a hike up a huge mountain I told my mom I'd love a light box out of tree bark but somehow it would have to be think enough to drap over my light box. This is just genius and your new photo looks great. I wondered where you had found your blog background and now I know.


Natalia said...

I love this soap of yours. Solovely the combination of colours!!!
take care


norma's bath and body said...