Friday, April 16, 2010

To Soap or to Mulch, that is the question!

Goood Moooorning Soap Fans!

Today's lye and water have been combined, and I'm hoping to get to the citrus homemade soap later today.
The partial pile of mulch in the pickup truck is a distraction, though, as the weatherman is calling for rain....

If the sun comes out, it may well be Photography Day. I really need to take some photos of the
Oatmeal-Honey naturalsoap for you all to see and to use on my website. Any fresh ideas out there for props? I'm sort of bored with the towel, soap and ingredient formula. Maybe I'll just leave out the towel and do a messy shot complete with a pool of honey and a pile of oatmeal...that may be refreshingly edgy compared to my other photos!

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