Thursday, June 17, 2010

Found a new soap blog this morning: Bonnie Bath Co. Blog for Bath & Body Professionals and was reading/commenting on the soap cutter issue. I've tried different things, and am currently waiting with great anticipation for my hubby to fabricate one of those multi-wire jobs to cut an entire loaf all at once. However, I thought you might be interested to see just how "old fashioned" and primitive things are over here at Heirloom Soapworks. This knife is lovely for cutting soap, and it's what I've used for the last eight years or so. It was my Hubby's grandma's, I believe, and if you ever see one at a garage sale or second-hand store, you may want to buy it!
I've tried to show it clearly in the photo, as there are no identifying marks or words on it at all. Hopefully you can see what a smooth cut it makes from the photo. This is my Goats Milk & Honey soap, and the cut bar is just as smooth as silk.

It's certainly not a glamorous, slick or time-saving way to cut my soap, but it works well, and it's rather nostalgic using a knife that Grandma used. (The only fault with this method comes from the human behind the knife. Let just say that some folks get way more than their money's worth in the bars I cut some days! : )

Soap On!


Jennifer Young said...

Love that this knife is from your husband's grandma... it's got history! I cut mine similarly but with a long thin Spanish ham knife. I sometimes dream about one of those fancy wire cutters... but I actually love the cutting... it's one of my favourite parts. I would miss it.... xo Jen

Long Leaf said...

That knife can be purchased a or if you are in Ohio, they are located in Kidron and worth the trip! A little about your beloved knife:Made in a small town in Iowa, Rada knives are some of the finest on the market. Many people remember their grandmothers using Rada knives in their kitchens more than 50 years ago. Each utensil is meticulously crafted one at a time, using a dozen or more steps.HTH!

TheSoapSister said...

Wow -thanks for the info! I really do appreciate knowing more about the knife. I had no idea -couldn't find any marks on it at all. Do you have one like it?

Long Leaf said...

I buy every one I come across at garage sales & Goodwill, Salvation Army, can put an edge like a razor on them & they just last & last!! I imagine the reason they make such good soap cutting knives is the blade is nice & thin :o)