Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well, that which was a lovely mauve in the pot has deteriorated into what I would call a rather un-remarkable "dusty rose" at best. : (
I really didn't expect it to stay as pretty as it looked last evening, but I was hoping it would stay a bit better than it has so far. Still, it is more interesting to look at than my un-colored ylang ylang soap, so I do see it as an improvement. I'm just hoping that the most drastic change has already happened!

I did get to work on my soap flailing technique! (It just doesn't make it into the "swirling" category yet.) ; ) That was fun, and felt artsy, which I love.

Has anyone had any experience with Yellow Dock? Ellen's Essentials sent me a sample along with my madder root powder. The note on the package says that it turns pink, but it looks the color of baby food peas to me. Any hints would be appreciated!


Jennifer Young said...

Dusty rose sounds and looks great! Flailing very original as well. All it all, looks like a great soap. An interesting experiment into natural colour. I don't think I have ever achieved a colour like this... the only pink I have achieved is from Pink Clay, but it doesn't look as soft and natural as this xo Jen

TheSoapSister said...

Hi Jen, and thanks for the kind & encouraging words. I'm wondering if this soap would maybe look good chunked up & strewn within a plain creamy white bar...Perhaps I'll experiment further! (you know I will) I did have enough excess to make two of those flower mould soaps, and the colour pretty good in a fancy mould. I'll post a photo later today. Soap On! : )