Friday, June 18, 2010

Ylang Ylang-Lavender w/Bentonite Clay & Madder Root

As promised, here is a photograph of my first colored soap at 48 hours.  It seems to be holding the shade that it had at 24 hours.  I suppose that's normal? It has really been fun experimenting with the color.  This color has really grown on me and I must admit that the soap has quite a bit more eye appeal than my plain cream colored version!

I really need to make some of my Citrus Grove soap, but I think I'm going to wait for my carrot tissue oil to arrive, as I am very impressed with Jen at Jenora Soaps  lovely yellow "Lemon Poppyseed" soap.  If you haven't seen it, you really must check it out!  I never realized what lovely colors could be obtained while still using only all natural ingredients.  I may try to find a nice orange colorant to layer in that particular soap, as it is a lemon-orange-grapefruit mix.  Also plan to try the cornstarch to see if it helps hold the citrus a bit more. Very exciting!

 My head is spinning right now with all the ideas, but I love that!  Thanks again to all you natural colorant soapers out there whose lovely work has inspired me to step out of my little "cream colored comfort zone." : )


Jennifer Young said...

Thank for your nice comments about my blog. I am just loving this colour! What a great first try! I will have to get some madder root. Can't wait to see your experiments with Alkanet Root!! That one is the most magical for me so far but the most challenging... Well, can't wait to hear about any other of your natural colour experiments. xo Jen

Holly said...

The color is lovely! For your next batch, you might try some pureed carrots to give some yellowish/orangish color as well.

Springvale Soap said...

Lemon-orange-grapefruit sounds divine. *closes eyes and imagines*Ya know, I had just given up the fight and ordered a bunch of oxides and ultramarines to start giving my soaps some 'eye candy' appeal and now that I've been reading your blog (and Jen's!) I'm back to feeling I don't want to use them. lol~Deb

Ambra said...

Look absolutely lovely. isn't Madder root great! I can't wait to start experimenting again. another Madder root, some Alkanet and Annato seed are on the list. I'm busy sewing a wedding dress and baking a few cakes right now:)