Monday, January 10, 2011

Homemade Soap "Taters"

I gave a friend of mine a natural soap "tater" a while back that I formed from some of my handmade soap scraps.  No big deal.  To my surprise, she LOVED the shape....she also suggested that they would be great for folks with arthritic hands, as they are more comfortable in the hand and easier to hold on to plain rectagular bars.  (Thanks for the feedback, Wendi!)

So, here they first official batch of homemade "Soap Taters"!  They smell FABULOUS (if I do say so myself -LOL) with a rich natural Almond scent -a favorite of ladies as well as men! 

 I've made them in two sizes:  "Spud"s are  5.5 oz.  and  "Big Taters" are 7.5 oz. (now that's a generous size soap by any standard!)  100% Natural, (of course) and chock full of shea & mango butters to clean gently without drying skin (yay!) 

I hope to have them in my Soap Shoppe no later than tomorrow.  I think these will make great Valentine's Gifts...especially nice for that "someone"  who has "everything" (bet they don't have a "Tater Soap" -yet!) 

 Something about a brand new year makes me want to get creative and have some fun with my soap....hope you all are feelin' it too! 

 Happy Soaping, all!


Amy Warden said...

How cute & fun! I bet they are easier to hold...

cocobong said...

Round or oval soaps are really far superior in handling than the rectangles most of us do. My french milled soaps are all round and they go so fast, I can never have enough of those. Only problem is: they are way too work intensive. I really like yer taters, girl (my , that sounds obscene..). They look like they are hp soap and then scooped and formed by hand? Or just shredded and then shaped? You know I like the rustic look when it comes to soap. I like soap to look like soap..or taters, in this case

thesoapsister said...

You cracked me up, C'bong! You're right, them doggone "taties" is too much work! It was actually a HP batch that I re-batched. Talk about redundant! I think forming the HP soaps by hand this way would be manageable, though...and way more fun (and quieter, and more meditative) than trying to bang that mass of HP soap into a mold without leaving voids. That never feels very "zen" to me! :D

Amy said...

Those are adorable! I can believe that they'd be great to hold. I like rolling a cupcake-shaped soap in my hands until it becomes a ball, but an oval shape is even better! I love them!