Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is it???

In keeping with my handmade soap "fun"  I made a natural soap creation entirely for myself yesterday....o.k., well, I guess it's not just for me -my husband will use it too....I think.

Here it is -TaDa!                                                                                                                                                                       

  I'm sure you've guessed by now that it's soap.   But the great thing is that I no longer have 14 half-used bars of soap in my shower!  YAY!

I thought it looked really a big river stone....or a dinosaur egg, maybe.

My son informed me this morning that to him it resembles a "cow pie" -leave it to a young 'un to smack you up side the head with the unvarnished truth! LOL!

I don't think anyone thought it was neat looking around here, (except me) but I'm thinkin'  I may do this with some of my old "scraps" -you know, those end pieces and trimmings that accumulate in the "soap room" -or am I alone in this?  

There are so many things to be done with the scraps, but I think I like the general look of  this mixed up bar.   Surprisingly, it smells really nice too....I wasn't sure how that would work out.  Plus, my shower looks neat and tidy, to keep it that way!

 I measured my -ahem- "Dinosaur Egg"  for fun and it's a whopping 6" x 4"  and 1.75 inches thick!  I'll be using this thing until July! 

Happy Soaping everyone!


Jan said...

Boy of boy! a soap and a half:) great idea! my shower has quite a few different soaps in it as well:) sort of reminds me of Bubble & Squeak, do you have that over there? a bit of continuation of the spud theme maybe:) yep, loved those spuds as well:) just in case you don't know what Bubble & Squeak is, it's bits of left over veges. e.g. spuds, carrots and such, that you mix together with egg and fry, mightn't sound good but really yummy. Hope you had a great New Year:)

thesoapsister said...

Hi Jan! The Bubble & Squeak sounds like a great way to "disguise" leftover veggies...or at least give them a second chance! Do you chop 'em up real fine? Do you make patties out of the mixture like a potatoe pancake, or just fry it loose like fried rice? I'm thinkin' this may appeal to the young un' here! Please let me know.... Hope you have a Happy New Year as well! (I'm so excited to have my shower can't even tell that a "soaper" lives here....well, at least you can't tell it from the bathroom! I suppose the other rooms would still give it away. :D

Maggie said...

You're so patient, Becky! I usually just shred and toss the small ones into the laundry and move on to the next soap that screams for my attention. ;)

Amy Warden said...

Funny, It doesn't look that big in the photo! I'm glad it smells good - the last thing you need is a soap that looks AND smells like a cow pie! LOL!