Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sandalwood-Almond-Oatmeal: All Natural Soap

Ever make a homemade soap that's 100% natural, and  makes you go "Mmmmmmm" everytime you smell it? 

   Well, that's how my Sandalwood-Almond-Oatmeal turned out.   I love the smell of natural almond eo, and that "dusty" kind of note that sandalwood adds...hopefully my customers will find this one very appealing, as well!

I've added copious amounts of mango butter and cocoa butter to make this natural soap extra gentle and non-drying.  The oatmeal has been ground very finely for the gentlest of exfoliations (you can see the tiny white specks of oatmeal in the photo.)   Honey acts as a humectant to hold much-needed moisture next to the skin.

Ready to ship now, and should be in my retail locations and ready to bathe with by the 25th -YAY!

Working on updated,  natural soap packaging that's in sync with my "Heirloom"  image....rather vintage looking, I hope.

This year my focus needs to be on efficiency and productivity...more retail outlets and greater  demand (which are both great blessings) are forcing me to work "smarter" these days rather than just harder.

BTW, did you all know that January is National Thank You Month?   So, in keeping with that theme, I would like to say Thank You to all of my customers, both retail and wholesale for your continued support as well as to my online followers -I sincerely appreciate your encouragement, ideas and suggestions!  (Please keem 'em comin')   Happy Soapin' to you all!


Michele said...

That looks fabulous. Love it! It does look good enough to eat - probably a good thing I can't smell it - it might be too tempting. :))

Kia said...

That does look yummy enough to eat!! Beutiful tops :-)

michaelsuds8 said...

Hi Becky,

Great job. Was honey the key ingredient in your thinking as your made this soap, being that, as you say honey acts as a humectant to hold much-needed moisture next to the skin? It seemed to turn out quite nicely. I like your penchant for experimentation.

Also, how do you approach the art of packaging your soaps in terms of complementing the colors, or coinciding with a particular theme, etc.?


Michelle said...

A perfect bar of soap for these dry winter days!! I love that natural smell of almond too. Your soap looks fabulous. I like the textured top with the little brown specks.

thesoapsister said...

Thank you Kia, and thanks for following. I love your glad to have found it! :D

thesoapsister said...

Hi Michael,
I use honey in many of my soaps. I find that it not onlys acts as a humectant, but it also seems to extend the "shelf life"....I've never had "spots" in a soap that has honey as an ingredient. As for packaging....well....I'll be announcing/blogging about my new 2011 packaging very soon. So for now, I must leave you in suspense....:)

thesoapsister said...

Thanks Michelle....isn't almond addictive? Oh, and the specks are just nutmeg! :) (They smell great, too!)

thesoapsister said...

Thanks Michele, don't you just wish folks really COULD smell through their computers?? Imagine the sales! Hope you're doing well!