Sunday, June 5, 2011

Clown Soap & Circus in Town & Essential Oil Blends -"Oh My!"

Clowns......(elllll....shiver...yech) -can't stand 'em.  Never could -even as a kid I thought they were C-R-E-E-P-Y. 

I know, I know, there are wonderful folks who dress up for charity, and more supportive of that I could not be.....but clowns still creep me out. To me, there is something disturbing about a painted-on-unreadable-face.  Call me crazy (a bit Kramer-ish?)

So, imagine how I felt when I cut this soap today

o.k. -not really sinister, but get a load of this one:


Yikes!  It's like having "Chuckie" curing on my rack! LOL!


On a more serious note (but not much)  I bought some lovely-sounding "Essential Oil Blends" that were not "certified"....methinks mesmells a "fragrance" slipped into one of them. 

1.  It clogged my nose & gave me a headache almost immediately upon soaping with it (EOs have NEVER done that to me -EVER, but "fragrance oils" often have this effect -one of the reasons I don't use 'em)

2.  I couldn't get the scent out of the house!  I've had every exhaust fan running for HOURS -I've never had an EO linger like that!

3.  It started to really seize up my soap (my recipe NEVER does that with EOs)

I'll be chatting with the company that I bought them from tomorrow.  Their website says they allow "easy returns" -I'm hoping that's true.  I suppose that I will attempt to exchange them for the "certified pure" varieties.  I'm disappointed and hope that the other varieties I've received don't contain fragrance....because they do smell nice.  I can't stand headaches, though, and I suppose I'm fortunate that what brings them on  is so glaringly obvious.

Friends and Relations be advised:  I may be giving some "Nearly Natural" and "Freaky-Clown" Soaps as gifts this year! LOL!  If you happen to receive one? Well, try to act surprised, o.k.? :)


Cocobong Soaps said...
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Cocobong Soaps said...

OMG!!! A freakin' clown face ina soap!! I am sooo with you on the clown issue, scary beyond scary, and yanno that behind each clown in one depressed soul. For real, that's why they trod the clown path, to save their own life. ok..enough..but when my Dad took me to Barnum and Bailey Circus in '73, I freaked out at the clowns and started to wail and sob and poor Dad had to take me home, clueless as to what had irked the child. T'was the clowns. And, you did not intend the clown face, huh? YIKES

Jennifer Young said...

OH MY GOD. CLOWN SHMOWN. HOW DID YOU GET THAT GLORIOUS GREEN!?????? Is that natural???? Do share! I want green like that!!!!!!! Okay, the clown is really cool too. I was just blown away by that green! xo Jen

The Soap Sister said...

'Bongs -Intend?? Are you KIDDING?? NEVAH! Creeeepy, eh? So glad to hear I'm not the only one who has a ~ahem~ "strong aversion" to clowns! LOL!

Jen, the green is from (100% Natural Liquid Clorophyll (tastes like el toro caca, BTW!) 100mg per Tbsp. After taking it a few times (did I mention "Ichhhh"?) and noticing the BRILLIANT green I thought "hmmmmmm -I wonder....." so I tried it and voila! We'll have to see if it lasts, you know how the "naturals" sometimes fade! I put about 2 Tbsp in my batch which makes 16 big bars. Oh, and the brand name is World Organic...I got it at my local health food store, but I bet they sell online! :)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Okay so, not all clowns freak me out but the mention of Chuckie sends me packing.I can remember my parents being out of town and leaving me at home for what seemed like forever(I think it was only a month)and every time the Chuckie commercial came on at night I had to sleep with the light on. C'bong,my stepfather took me to see fireworks once when I was little and I threw a screaming fit and got under a table.(I thought they were going to fall on me.) He was soooooo embarrassed.

Love the clown soap there sister. The green is rather gorgeous.


Angela said...

Oh, I know excactly what you mean. When I was AuPair in England ages ago, we went to a very small circus in Cornwall, you know the type where the ticket woman is the horse rider also... My english was bad and all of a sudden I was standing in the middle of the manege and a clown stood me in front of a wheel and started throwing knives at me. I totally freaked out and I literally fainted. My kids cried and since then I can not go to Circus anymore. I was so frighened like never before or after...
But your soap is not too bad and I love the colour also.
Love, Angela

The Soap Sister said...

Michele, I never actually had the nerve to watch the "Chuckie" movies -too creepy for me! I can relate, though. when I was young I read a few books that were so chilling that I couldn't read them when I was alone.....what was I thinkin'???

Oh wow, now THAT is a scary clown story! Only a wacko clown would THROW KNIVES at someone! YIKES!
Only one creepy clown at the circus last night ...his face was painted like one of the KISS rock band guys -eeeeeeyyy! (I always thought they were a tad freaky, too ...maybe I just don't like painted faces!) -thanks for your comment!

Anne-Marie said...

OMG! The clown soap is hilarious! I totally agree on the creepy clown thing though, maybe it's because of the book/movie "It"...

Unknown said...

That soap is wild and you couldn't have planned it if you tried. With FO's I use that are new to me from various suppliers I soap at around 86 degrees for both lye/water and oils and don't use my Braun hand mixer I just stir well with a whisk until I reach light trace. I too hate headaches and get a lot of them so I feel your pain. Ice pack behind the neck, nice dark room and a cold washcloth on your forehead is really helpful and I use my headache essential oil blend I made on temples and under my nose.

How frustrating to buy what you think are EO's to find out that an FO is mixed in. Hopefully they will let you do an exhange.


The Soap Sister at Heirloom Natural Soap said...

Anne-Marie, I'm not familiar with "It"...and I probably shouldn't be! :) Seinfeld's "Crazy Joe DeVola" is my clown-image personified!

Michelle, Welllll, I spoke with a representative from the company today who assured me (?) that their EO blends are nothing but that natural EOs blended together -no synthetics! Hmmmmmm.... I explained to her that my soap business is based heavily on "all natural" and that I wnat to be absolutely sure so as not to mislead my clients -I was assured once again that the "blend" I have is ONLY essential oils.

I don't know......I can only go by what they say, I suppose. I did soap at around 80 degrees, and used my kitchenaid at about a "2" setting....normally with EOs I can be very leisurely in those circumstances....hmmmmm again!

I think I may talk to them again -my "gut" is not
yet convinced! ;)

Amy Warden said...

Did the blend have some spicy notes in it? Cinnamon & clove I know are good at accelerating trace. Can't explain the headache part. Obviously something isn't setting well with you! And your clown soaps are hilarious!

Heirloom Natural Soap/The Soap Sister said...

Hi Amy, Hmmm, now that you mention it, there is a bit of spicy, almost powdery-ness to it...the "aromatic notes" are supposed to be Jasmine, Sandalwood & Rose. Everyone who has smelled it so far has LOVED it, (including my Hubby) and I like it much more now that the "overpowering" level has left the house.
Maybe I'll try it on my hair when it's cured -sort of like my own version of "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!" LOL!