Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update on "Vanilla-Pumpkin Pie" Natural Soap & a "newbie"...

I thought I would post a picture of the Natural Soap "Vanilla-Pumpkin Pie" now that it has been cut into slices:

"Vanilla-Pumpkin Pie" Natural Soap

As usual, I've discovered one thing to "tweak" on my next batch.  I'll change
where I put the "cream".  If I put it around the perimeter, so that customers who buy the whole pie can vary the size of the slices without worrying about whether or not the dollop of "cream" will end up centered.

Speaking of "next batch", here's the photo of  "Lemon Pie" Natural Soap, which is probably gelling about now:

"Lemon Pie" Natural Soap

See what I mean about the cream around the perimeter?  I likes it! ;)
I'll post pics tomorrow after cutting.  Happy soaping everyone!

1 comment:

AYU said...

Oh wow! I didn't think it was a soap!!
It looks delicious!!
Lemon Pie sounds yummy too.
Please show us after cutting it.
I can't wait! =)