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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Problem with "Pretty Soaps"....

Because I've been on a "pretty soap" kick again lately, I'll be packaging some of the prettier varieties with plain cigar-band style wrappers to show them off.  Waddya' think?  Yes, yes, I  know...."she's at it again", but I just can't bear to stick them in a bag and cover 'em up!

I wish they made bags out of the smell-through shrink wrap, as they will need to go into something clear so they don't get all "funky" from people handling them!  Any ideas on that one, my soaping friends? 


Jennifer Young said...

Hi Becky, One of my favourite pastimes is scrolling through Patti Flynns blog and looking at photos of her beautiful soaps. You can see, in some of the photos how she packages them I think... cellophane? Good luck!!! xo jen

Heirloom Natural Soap/The Soap Sister said...

Hi Jen, Thanks for the tip....do you have a link? I can't find any photos of how she wraps them on her site -she's got some really pretty soap, though! :)

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

It took awhile to find but it's under the melbourne post here:


I would do clear shrink wrap with a tag and maybe raffia or clear bags with a tag around the closure part of it.


Heirloom Natural Soap/The Soap Sister said...

Hi Michelle, Thanks for the link -I'm going to check it out. I ordered some see through/smell through bags about an hour ago and I can't WAIT to get them. Not sure if I'll do the cigar band (I like the larger print) on the soap first or just a hang tag....I'll be playing ...er, experimenting when I get the bags. Of course I'll post pics. I'm an incurable tweaker! ;)

Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Becky,

I sort of like that packaging. I also like the design you chose for the packaging. I am also curious how the see through/smell through bags work out. We haven't used those yet. I think it's great that you are willing to experiment in bold ways!