Friday, June 10, 2011

Neroli-Chamomile ...or "Orange Blossom Special" Soap

"Orange Blossom Special" by Heirloom Soapworks
  I am having such a blast with natural soap these days: the coloring, the swirling, the glopping (my personal favorite technique -so stress-free) the fragrancing...the liberating freedom of declaring all of my soaps "Limited Editions" -Aaaaaahhh!  Soaping is fun again!  :)

This latest natural soap has freight-trained it's way to the top of my personal favorites list -literally overnight. 

 It's an in-your-face-feminine fragrance that reminds me vaguely of the old Coppertone Suntan Lotion (in the brown bottle) which is one of my favorite scents of all time.  (I will definitely be doing a lotion to match this one!)

Made with essential oils and all-natural colorants.  I will be reserving bars for those who want them -just contact me at there are only 16 bars (minus a few for me) so get 'em while you can! :)


Ambra said...

That looks soooo good Becky. Lovely green - and the scent sounds wonderful.

Unknown said...

This scent sounds like a winner, cool colours as well.


Jennifer Young said...

Hi Becky, Can you tell me where you get your neroli? Do you have an affordable source??? I had asked you a while back about when the children get out of school but can't find the post where I left the comment... here they get out next week and go back mid september... and there? xo Jen

Cocobong Soaps said...

I'm so very happy for you that our little tête a tête took fruit and that you got yourself back to that place where making soap, creating soap is pure joy. YAY, double YAY! I agree with Ambra, that green is just great. Is it the chlorophyll green? I've never used that stuff..please let us know how it behaves over time. Save a small piece and observe what light exposure over a few months will do to it. I'd be so curious to know :)

Bárbara said...

Es precioso,me encanta la combinación de colores.